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Facebook Phone Flipping for easy beers.

Literally what the title says. I've been doing this for s couple months now. It goes like this...

Buy a phone (I always go for iPhones) on eBay or Facebook. I buy iPhone 8 Plus' in good condition for £275 max for example.

Go onto Facebook, list that bad boy up for collection only for £310. Bam.

Sit back, decline anyone that offers you under £300. People love getting new phones, so much so that they will come straight to you just to get that upgrade on the day.

Get that bad boy collected or charge them £5 to deliver it a couple miles. Repeat. Easy.

The reason I only sell with collection or in the local area is because people love overpaying so that they can get things instantly. Work on the impulse buying habits of people.

1 phone a week = £100 a month.

Beers on you.

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