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Earnhoney warning

Just wanted to tell you all that Earnhoney isn't paying out now, I posted this on the Earnhoney subreddit, but I figured Beermoney would be good too.

I had some payments backed up for a while, and finally today they claimed they were paid (2/10), but problem is they claim to be paid, but the money was never sent, this would have been $10 of the $50 they owe.

I'm hoping this is just a screw up on their end, but I doubt it since their customer service is nonexistent and doesn't respond to any mail or ticket forms, so it's either a case of funding issues, or Earnhoney potentially turning into a scam.

Proof in the images, my paypal balance and the payment claim on Earnhoney.

If any updates change I'll edit this post, here's hoping, since Earnhoney was one of my favorites.

Edit: If needed, I can provide proof of my recent payments on Paypal if asked.

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