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Reported by Prolific researcher - what happens?

I've posted this on /r/prolificac but since they don't seem to respond via email I'm not hoping for much.

I completed this: Attentional Difficulties and Emotional Control Hosted by SIHAM ALBESISI

Prolific gave 20 minutes for this, I completed it in 10. Not a single survey I've ever had has taken the full allotted time so I've always assumed this is a buffer incase of issues. Researcher is claiming I didn't do it properly as it didn't take me the full 20.

I have replied to him detailing the entire content of the survey, I actually found this one interesting as I have a diagnosis that fits with it. It was only a series of check boxes so I've no clue why it would take 20 minutes, but then I do read quickly so I don't know.

I've contacted Prolific a week ago both by email and via reddit. I have had NO reply.

What happens now? I love using prolific and have done for a very long time but they are clearly not interested in helping me and now this researcher is reporting me - what happens with that?

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