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PPOC Club asking to take down a negative review

I’ve been happily using PPOC Club for about a month now. I’ve been leaving product reviews on almost everything I’ve tested because I like leaving reviews. One of the things I ordered were some disgusting gummy vitamins. I wrote in my review that I didn’t like them, and neither did anyone else in my family, and gave them a bad rating. A week later I get an email from PPOC chastising me for writing a negative review, saying that “we’re not testing products to harm the brands, such as leaving them with negative reviews.” What?? I thought the whole point of this site was to get honest reviews for products. Then they criticized me for not “reaching out to the company.” To do what, tell them their gummies taste like sour Greek yogurt? I used to love this site but this has left a sour taste in my mouth... almost as sour as the gummies.

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