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Major issue cashing out from Qmee

hey everyone i accumulated 10.96$ from using Qmee a few months ago. i've tried cashing out a few times via paypal. everytime i log into my paypal qmee says "Paypal have let us know your account is not fully verified"

heres the thing. i can't verify my paypal because i don't have a bank account. paypal says you can verify with linking your debit card. i have a paypal cash debit card and it will not work anytime i try and link it.

so in an attempt to find a workaround i've tried having my friend sign into their paypal on qmee, and my mom (i know both of these people have verified paypals) to which i get prompted the same reply as before "Paypal have let us know your account is not fully verified"

as you can imagine this is enough to piss anyone off. i invested hours of my time into acquiring 10.96$ only to be told i can't get it out and it's basically been stuck in there for months. with all that out of the way could someone please offer me a solution. this is ridiculous. thanks!

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