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First Impressions of GG2U

One whole week. That's how long I've waited for a single offer to credit on this site. Normally, one of these offers should have only taken 48 as said on their FAQ. If I didn't get credited within that time period, I should've contacted GG2U either through email or discord. That's exactly what I did on discord. At first, I just asked them "When do you receive your coins after you finish a task normally" and as it said on the FAQ, it should've credited within 48 hours. Now, it hadn't exactly been 48 hours so I decided to wait till Monday(finished offer on Sunday) till asking them about why I still haven't been credited my coins. Monday comes along and I decide to ask them for support once more. I told them that I had finished a certain offer through OfferToro which at the time was worth exactly $14.40 or 1440 coins. In response to this, they had said, "I think it's normal. If you don't receive the credit by Wednesday afternoon, could you send me a reminder message about it?". Keep in mind that it's very late where I am and it had been almost 48 hours since the offer had been completed and yet they were still telling me it was "normal" and to wait till Wednesday which I may remind you is another 48 hours! At this point, I was a little agitated though, after a few minutes, I responded with "Will do" as I did not want to seem unprofessional. A few days pass and comes Wednesday. This is where I had to "remind" them of my problem. I told them that my offer still hadn't been credited and they simply ask for my GG2U username which had been the same as my discord. After I had given him or her my user name, they responded with " For issues with Offertoro offers, you can send the details of what you're waiting to credit (along with a screenshot showing your progress in the game) to []( and they can try to check on it for you. You can tell them that you did the offer from this link: (personal link)." On the same day, I had sent an email to OfferToro which can be seen here: (sorry for the grammatical mistakes). If it helps, the offer on there was called "Vikings: War of Clans - iOS (Palace Level 12)". Anyway, hours pass and still no response which is normal but for the assurance, I once again went to the GG2U staff on discord and once again they had told me another outrageous answer to one of my many questions. What I asked was just how long OfferToro would take to respond to my email. "I'm not sure. They probably get a lot of similar emails every day so maybe next week?". That was the answer to this question. Another week, one whole week, and that's only a maybe. At that moment, I was wondering, "Why did something that should've taken 48 hours to credit take more than one week?". One of my friends finished this same task one day earlier yet his took 3 hours at most to credit. Why had it taken me so long for this one offer to credit even though his did? That's when I had taken a look back at the same response I had gotten after the staff had answered my question. In their response, they told me there were many cases similar to mine that OfferToro has to respond to. This revealed that there were even more people who have had this issue with sites like GG2U though it isn't really their fault as it is more of OfferToro's. I found this out by asking another question which went something like this: "Is there anything you guys could do to make this process easier as I have finished the offer 1 week ago without the use of VPN or ad-blocker and still haven't received my reward? If this is gonna happen on future offers, I'm probably not gonna continue using your service." Their answer to this actually surprised me. What they said was "When it comes to offerwall offers like that, we aren't allowed to contact the advertisers directly ourselves, so we need to rely on the offerwall companies." Basically, they just told me they could do absolutely nothing about my situation. At that point, I just gave up. I simply asked for proper compensation about this whole issue. Like every other time, their response was undoubtedly insane. For all the trouble I went through, they just said, "We just added a full credit towards our Golden Token bonus to your account. So you will reach it 4 payout requests instead of 5." If you didn't know, when you request 5 payout requests and successfully get paid, you will get a Golden Token bonus which basically gives you a Golden Token. The Golden Token can then be used to spin the Golden Prize Wheel which can get you up to $7.00 but most likely not. Instead, it'll get you probably get you $1.00, hell maybe even $3.00. It would've been fine if they had given me an entire Golden Token but instead I had gotten 1/5 of it. I was thinking of not continuing using this site due to the long wait time so at most so I would've gotten 2 or 3 payouts max on this site ($7.00 payout minimum), not even enough to get that Golden Token. Just to finish this off early as I've gotten tired of ranting about this site, I absolutely would not recommend this site to anyone unless they want to wait days to weeks for offers that really should've only taken a few hours.

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