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Hyperdrive vs Smiles Cash Out Report

I’m fairly new to this sub but I figured I would try out both Hyperdrive and Smiles since I commute roughly 160 miles M-F to my desk job.

I started using both apps at the same time on June 5 and have cashed out on both within the past 24 days:

June 14 - Reached $28.05 on Smiles and requested and received cash out the same day. The app did not work for payment and I had to email them.

June 20 - Reached $11.41 on Hyperdrive and requested and instantly received $10 Home Depot gift card.

At this moment, I’m up to $37.44 in Smiles and $4.57 in Hyperdrive. Unfortunately, Smiles just sent out a mass email stating they’re going to be pausing the app on July 4 so they can focus on paying everyone back. I did try to cash out on June 25 and I haven’t received anything yet which means I probably won’t be using it anymore. It sucks cause the pay was fairly good and much better than Hyperdrive. Still not too bad for less than a months worth of driving!

Overall, Hyperdrive’s app was way easier to use and I’ll probably continue using them even though the rate per mile is pretty low.

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