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[Review] Beta

Looks like I'm the first one to do this! Here's a review of Reward XP. I've been using it since the closed beta in February and it's currently in "beta" as they add new features.

First Impressions

  • The website is broken up into 3 sections - Play (PC/mobile games), Earn (offerwalls), and Engage (Discord)
  • Interface is clean and looks good on various resolutions (I tested on my PC, laptop, and iPhone)
  • Currency is XP and 10,000 XP = $1
  • There's a referral system that pays out 5% of what other people redeem
  • There's a knowledgebase and ticketing system (though I've asked for support on Discord, too)
  • Site is based in the US but has offers available for many countries

Offerwalls/Outside Vendors

Vendor Observations
Your Surveys $1 per survey
Hideout.TV .08 per 3 ads
  • Payout rates are above-average / on the higher end
  • On the Discord the owners said they'll eventually have their own survey router, XPSurveys, which will offer exclusive high paying surveys as its cuts out the middle man. Pretty cool, but let's see if they deliver.
  • One thing I noticed when completing a high paying offer is it was held in "Pending Review". This means I received the XP but couldn't spend it right away. My offer was approved after a week, though. Basically this is so people can't sign up for something, get rewards, then cancel the service so the website gets a chargeback. If this results in higher payouts I'm cool with that.

Payment Methods

Vendor Observations
PayPal Small fee
Bitcoin No fee
Riot Points North America only
  • Payouts are processed quickly, within 24 hrs
  • Minimum payouts are generally $5 with two exceptions - Robux (Around $1) and Steam ($10)
  • There's a payment proofs area on their Discord which other beermoney people have posted, so it's legit. One guy even got a $60 payout which is huge for someone like me.


There's something unique happening here. The devs/owners are active on the Discord and share what's happening with the website, ask the community for feedback, and are generally good dudes/dudettes. It's almost like being in a KickStarter.


High payouts. Chill community. Definitely tons of potential here.

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