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Problem with OfferToro and AdGate mobile app offers

Ok so I'm reposting because of confusion in title.

So I started using a couple of weeks ago, and decided to go with "install and reach certain level" kind of offers.

I installed 2 different games and did everything stated in the offer but none of them payed me.

One was from OfferToro, the other one from AdGate.

I decided to go and contact OfferToro showing them proof of completed offer (I had email with link sent by them, date of installation, date of completed offer, everything). They replied and apparently 'checked with advertiser' and according to them I did not use 'the link provided by them to download the game so that's why I didn't credit' (which is not true)

I haven't checked with adGate support yet, but all of this seems very suspicious, I mean what are the odds of the 2 offers not crediting? I've also talked to some guys on the site's chat ( chat) and some of them claimed that had the same issue.

I'm not sure on how to proceed here. Anyone else had the same problem? What do you guys recommend?

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