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Buzz Gateway Viral Edition

Buzz Gateway Viral Edition

Buzz Gateway Viral Edition
Description: Generate a viral traffic explosion on your website by trading content for traffic with your visitors!
Twitter API Integration + Dynamic Link Generator Included!
View visitor stats & conversion reports within the admin panel!

Buzz Gateway Viral Edition Features

  • Dynamic Gateway Generation Through Our Unique Admin Panel
  • Self Hosted Script
  • Run Unlimited Viral Gateway Campaigns
  • Lock Content Until X Number Of Hits Has Been Sent To The Visitor's Link
  • Dynamic Link Generator To Shorten Link Length
  • Twitter API Integration
  • Dynamic Function & Variable Renaming & Obfuscation To Prevent Ways Around The Script
  • AdBlock Protection
  • Disabled Javascript Protection
  • Anti-Right Click Protection
  • Anti-Proxy Site Protection
  • Full Hit / Referred Hit / Tweet Logging & Reporting
  • Full Gateway Customization
  • Exit-Fire Prompt
  • Unlock Content / Send To Download
  • Dynamic Embedder Disabler - Prevents Embedded Files From Overlapping The Gateway
  • Cross-Domain & Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Light-Weight Cookie & File Storage System

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