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BeerMoney doing 3D

I've been researching and thinking about turning my hobby of being a 3D Designer in a other form of extra income for a while now, I've seen some videos and articles about ways to earn money, some say selling models of clothes and furniture in social games. Like IMVU or Second Life "which strikes me about the fact that both are still alive", others talk about market of 3D models in general, like turbosquid or even selling pre-made packs for mobile games etc. Another market that I researched a little about but it's more controversial it's the Eroge market, 3D banners, Games, 3D Adult patreons are quite plentiful, I know it's controversial but as always ... money and porn walks hand to hand, but it seems a lot more time consuming than making models and just leaving for selling, another market that I think would consider semi passive would be Freelance on sites like Fiverr because I can sell pre-made services like real estate interior visualization but already have organized a library of 3d furniture and wallpapers and textures to speed up the process.

The options seem varied and require varied efforts, but researching all this has made me more thoughtful than with answers, thoughts of time versus profit for example, I know many of you may not understand about general design, let alone 3D design, but in a side hustle view what considerations I should take when testing these and other markets and see what generates better profit optimization... I kind lost in these matters. Thanks.

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