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Are all Freelance skills being saturated?

Hey, I wanna start making some money since my uni expenses has been winding up like crazy.

And since freelancing is my only get go at the moment I need to learn a skill and start making cash.

What are freelancing skills that aren't saturated or in other words Demand is exceeding Delivery.

I don't excel in anything programming related or design related (creative Designing i mean but UI and stuff like that might fit)

Skills I have :

Fast learner.

Not being Dumb.

Have experience in being a call center representative for Vodafone UK.

I am a senior mechanical engineer.

I am not artistic but have an eye for art.

Can look through a lot of creations to make up my own using observes from what i caught my eye on.

I live in the Mediterranean and I speak English fluently if that helps.

Recommend a road for me folks and thanks a lot if you reached this far while reading (or maybe you just skipped to see where does this rant want).

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