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SliceThePie Grind

I wish there was a slicing way to kill the grind that is this site. Jesus. I thought just typing in what's on a long, long list of a receipt on MTurk for a penny was bad. This was actually somehow worse.

I like music and I would have loved to review music. If they didn't play the same similar songs, they mind as well have played Nickelback or Taylor Swift music if they want repetition for music. But no, I get these songs that drone on, have similar song structure, sounds like they'd put me to sleep, no meaningful lyrics or anything. My reviews were getting repetitive because I had similar feelings.

This site is awfully picky about what you say too and damn them for restricting your limit of detail when reviewing. I once had a nice fleshed out review once for a video that showcased some upstarter company presenting a vacuum prototype model. I must've jotted 2 - 3 paragraphs down about the idea of that vacuum, since I like seeing what's invented or what gadget variation is made.

The site complained about the review and said I should dumb it down to literally - 2 lines. I did, though and now what looked like a honest review, looks like a hot take without even really going into details as to why I thought that vacuum was bad. I mind as well have said "uhh, it suck...wait it's a vacuum so it's good at that, hur hur."

And I submitted that watered down review. All of that effort - for a penny. I only came back recently because I got an e-mail a while ago saying they're doing "SUPER DUPER BONUSES" and I went to check it out. I got 6 cents per review, okay I can work with this, kinda. I only lasted maybe 9 songs before the bonus ended.

Yeah this site is shit and I quite hate it's existence. It practically insults you and gives you piss poor pay on top of it. Bad enough their surveys are hosted by that god awful survey site which has a high chance of turning you down faster than MTurk surveys can. They almost make you want to lie to them sometimes just to get through.

Anywho, fuck SliceThePie.

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