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Research company offering $25 per weekly earninhs report if you've driven for DoorDash between now and last July and $5 per weekly report for most other delivery services.

I haven't seen this mentioned and I think it counts as beermoney. It's definitely too good of a moneymaker for me not to share. I saw an add (I think on reddit actually) asking for drivers to sign up to get paid for surveys. I fugured why not, and signed up.

Right away I was pretty stoked with the results. What they are looking for specifically is how much you get paid and a few yes/no questions about what you had to do to make that money (did you have to place the order, was it catering, did you incur any tolls, etc). You just upload a screenshot of your earnings breakdown for each day you worked and you get an easy $5 per week worked per company between 7/1/19 to now. They payout automatically via prepaid visa card anytime you reach $10 and in my experience it has been about 24 hours from survey submission to payout received, so it's fast.

Last week I got an email from them saying they are increasing the payout for Doordaah reports to $25 per week! I didn't believe it until I did three and two days later had a $75 card in my inbox. I'm currently kicking myself for not logging on to DoorDash more because I only have earnings for about 6 weeks in their time window. If you made money with DD at least one day a week in tht time period you have the potential to make $400 for maybe an hour or two of work if you're slow to complete.

So there is a referral link* and here's a Non-ref link

*According to the email I have to send them the referee's name and email to get referral credit (kinda defeats the purpose of having a link imo). I know that's a lot to ask so I leave it entirely up to anyone who signs up if they want to send me that info.

I would love to know if anyone signs up in general and if their experience is a great as mine has been. Happy beermoneying!

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