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Hello everyone

Team SaySo Rewards here...

We were hoping to get some feedback, at the ground level, from some of you guys that often participate in our surveys. Even from those of you who tried in the past and maybe had a negative experience that prevented you trying again - we want to hear from you!

So let us know, what pros and cons do you see when interacting with surveys via SaySo Rewards compared to some of the other providers out there. What are the pain points? Too much pre-qualification questions maybe? Not enough surveys for you respective country? What are the things you do like? Our design? The fact that we donate to charity each time you complete a survey? We're all ears here, be as brutal or as kind as you like :)

We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to shoot those as well.

Looking forward to some good discussion with you all!

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