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Looking for US parents and UK residents to test Amazon Alexa Skills from home

Hey Beer Money folks! About a year ago Pulse Labs posted in this sub about using our platform to test Amazon Alexa and Google Home apps. We're continuing to grow and we've got some unique needs we're trying to fill.

We still welcome people from all over to join the fun of impacting new voice technology while making a little extra money. Due to increasing popularity of Alexa for kids, and the growth of Alexa in the UK, we're especially looking for more people to join our panel who own Amazon Echo devices, are US resident parents of kids age 6-14 OR residents of the UK.

Tests pay $3-$20 depending on complexity and time to complete. Most tests take about 10-20 minutes. If you're interested, click here to learn more about joining the Pulse Labs Panel. You'll need the following for testing:
- A desktop or laptop computer

- The Chrome web browser

- A microphone and speakers for your computer

- Amazon Alexa-enabled devices are recommended. We do some tests for Google Home and some that can be completed with computer only, but most test opportunities are for people who have Alexa devices.


The Pulse Labs Team

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