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Thanks for the kick, Beermoney!

So i've been doing things online for money for many years, but never consistently to notice a real difference.

3 weeks ago I realised I had a small amount of debt on high interest in my PayPal credit account (£127). I decided I wanted to spend the next 3 weeks earning online and see if I can pay this off without touching my savings.

I ONLY use UserTesting and Prolific. Why? Because i find them really easy to use and you don't spend ages pissing about with surveys and getting disqualified (which ultimately demotivates me).

So here I am, three weeks later and my PayPal balance is £140, and I still have $60 pending in my UserTesting account. I'm now super motivated to keep up the pace I have been outside my normal 9-5 so I just have some absolutely guilt free spending money in my PayPal at all time!

Thanks all :) your posts (especially how did you do this month threads!) really helped to motivate me and i'm feeling really good about clearing a debt without touching my savings!

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