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$60 Money Maker on SwagBucks w/ SeriusXM Subscription

This is a pretty good money making deal, so I figure it's worth posting.

$60 Money Maker w/ SeriusXM

Swagbucks is currently offering 7000 SB ($70) cash back with the purchase of a monthly subscription to SeriusXM outside the car, which costs ~$8 per month. Of course, if you're not interested in continuing the subscription, you are free to cancel and it should not affect your SB crediting.

Link to the offer.


*SB will appear as Pending for 32 days. Must be a new Sirius subscriber to earn SB.

*The following subscriptions are not eligible for SB: Select Plus SXIR, SXIR 1 month subscription, Basic 1 month subscription, Select 5 month subscription for $25, Select 5 month subscription for $25 + SXIR 1 month, News Spots Talk, NavTraffic, Voyager All Access Family Friendly, Aviaitor 1 month subscription, Pilot Preferred 1 month subscription, Premier 1 month subscription, Select Annual, half off 1 year subscription and Amazon 3 month streaming subscriptions.

You can also receive the 7000 SB with the purchase of a $30 6 month inside the car subscription. If you're actually really interested in the service, this route would still end up being a money maker.

A couple things I've noticed:

  • Canceling is a bitch. You still have to call a number to cancel. If you're phone shy, try using a prepaid card that has just the balance necessary to cover the initial cost. You could use a site like, or in my case I just used my cash app cash card, which always has $0 balance unless I reload it.

  • Some people will receive an offer for $1/month. This likely won't result in you receiving the SB. Make sure you're paying over $8 for your subscription.

  • Historically, many people have had issues with SB tracking and crediting for these orders. Also historically people have been able to contact support to request credit, and it usually works out well in the user's favor.

Remember that it'll take over a month to receive the SB.

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