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I want to buy some Google Cloud Platform Trial accounts

I need a lot of google cloud free trial accounts ($300 trial account), I am willing to pay $13 for each account, I need a lot.

If you want to sell your GCP, you must abide by the following terms of my acquisition:

  1. Only one transaction at a time, no bulk payment, one payment per account

  2. You must first give me an account, instead of giving me the money first. After I log in to verify the account, I will pay you $13, then you will give me the next account, and I will pay you the next $13.

  3. You can choose PayPal, BitCoin to collect money.

  4. Liar, please don't challenge my IQ.

you can contact me by skype \ TG \ ICQ.

Please don't send me a message in the forum because I don't check the forum news often.

Skype live:javavipmember

TG @herog

ICQ 745542396

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